Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool Review

Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool ReviewThe Leatherman Rabar tool package offers a compact set of tools, designed in a way that it can easily be worn on your belt without affecting your walking style. If you are looking for the perfect tools to walk with, therefore, this is the package that has all that you would require to handle all the stubborn fasteners in your life. With different sets of tools out there, however, this article comes as a comprehensive review, highlighting all that you expect the moment you invest in Leatherman Rabar tool package.

The design

The package is organized in such a way that it will queef out the tools with ease whenever you need to use them. You do not necessarily need to chip your fingernail into the tool set to identify the tool that you need. It is also light in design, which is comfortable for the pocket and hanging around the belt. Weighing 8.5 ounces only, it is all that you will need while on the go.


Despite looking small and compact, it is a monster tool (according to this article besthuntingknives.org/best-multi-tool) that will serve all your needs. The pliers are functional enough to turn nuts and bolts, while the cutters are sharp enough to satisfy your cutting needs. If you are a kitchen enthusiast, there is a likelihood that you will love the serrated knife which lets you slice through various items with ease.


Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool ReviewIt is definitely one of the toughest multi-tools in the market at the moment. Unlike most tools that will only offer you a sturdy physical appearance, Leatherman multi-tool carries its features directly to the performance level. As you work on various items, never expect the screwdriver’s tip to chip as is custom with most tools. In most multi-tools you will encounter knives that go blunt easily, which means you spend extra time and resources sharpening the blades but this is not the case when it comes to Leatherman Rabar. The blades are sharp and sturdy enough to execute all your cutting jobs.


The multi-tool comes with one accessory-the nylon belt pouch. It comes with the package, which is a perfect companion for a multi-tool that you will walk with. The pouch is sleek in design, for a perfect fit around your belt.


The tools that you will enjoy in this package include;

· Pliers

· A hard wire cutter

· A serrated knife

· A file

· A can opener

· A bottle opener

· An 8-inch ruler

· A Phillips screwdriver

· A lanyard ring

· An electrical crimper

Advantages of the Leatherman Rabar multi tool

· It features a sloped-top handle design, which enables you to slide the pliers right into tight spaces

· The cutter blades are easily removable, especially for sharpening

· The handle edges are rolled, which offers optimal comfort especially when handling stubborn fasteners

· It has a simple but effective locking mechanism, whereby all tools are lockable once you extend them to their fully-deployed positions

The downsides

· There is no pair of scissors in this set

· Its durability is questionable especially on heavy-duty tasks

The verdict

This is definitely one of the most versatile and highly functional multi tool sets that you will ever come across. Complete with all the helpful tools in a compact and lightweight design, your cutting and opening needs will be taken care of wherever you go.