Best Air Compressor for Inflating Tiers

The air compressor is a necessity for the effective running of the electro-mechanical devices that we use in our day to day life. Good examples of such gadgets include:

• Cars

• Lawn-mowers

• Bikes

• Tractors

Do you wish you had an effective air compressor for use in your home? How many times perhaps have you wished to put a bit of air in the car wheels, but yet did not desire to make a trip to the local gas station? Owning an air compressor in your home can save you a lot of time.

The secret to selecting the perfect air compressor is to match the unit to the job demands. The following are factors you ought to consider when choosing an air compressor:

Best Air Compressor for Inflating Tiers

Portable or Stationary

This is one of the most significant key factors when choosing an air compressor. There are two categories of air compressors, namely:

• Stationary compressors are wired directly to a building’s electrical circuit and are designed to be bolted into a fixed area. This type of air compressors are perfect for workshops and garages since they make it simple to use different air tools that provide great performance and cost less.

• Portable compressors are available in different sizes and shapes. Small models are very light to carry, and large ones have wheels that make them easy to move. If you are searching for a portable air compressor suited to working on a vehicle in your garage, consider a space-saving vertical compressor with wheels and at least a 25-gallon tank.

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Source of Power

Air compressors are usually powered either by gasoline or electricity.

• Gas-powered compressors are preferred by remodelers and builders since they are convenient at the job site and have high output. However, these compressors emit exhaust and should be operated outdoors.

• Electric compressors generally function on standard household voltage. And because electric air compressors do not emit fumes, they are better suited for indoor applications.

One of the most popular and best air compressor in todays market is California Air Tools CAT- 6310 that has been getting good ratings on air compressor review blogs and there is a good chance it will impress you.


While on the hunt for an air compressor, consider the up keep and maintenance needed on different models, sizes and makes. Check to be sure that the ability to find service parts and replacement belts are not going to be a daunting task. Additionally, ensure the safety valve operates properly.


Be sure to decide the advantages of extending warranties and precisely what the warranties cover and do not cover.

Best Air Compressor for Inflating Tiers


Ensure you have the proper power source and voltage to make your air compressor function properly. Depending on the model, size, and make, the air compressor will draw variable amps.

Size of the Tank

The size of the tank usually determines how long air can run before the air compressor turns back on. Tank sizes are usually rated in gallons.


Ensure there are plenty of accessory options available to meet your every need like cutting tools and air tools.

Bottom Line

Tired of looking for an air compressor to inflate your tires? Visit to choose from the different varieties of models available. In any event, the choices are numerous, and most likely variables like practicality and purpose will guide you into a great choice of an air compressor.

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