Handheld Metal Detector for a Auto Repair Shop

Product Overview

Metal detectors are used to find metallic items in plain view or those might be hidden. A normal metal detector will have the following parts. The shaft, stabilizer, control box and search coil. The search coil is the part that identifies the metal object and can be regarded as the most important part. The microprocessors, the speakers, the batteries and the controls are contained in the control box.

In the handheld metal detector, all these parts are contained in one package. When using the metal detector, the user turns on the device and moves it along the area where he or she wishes to find concealed or hidden objects. Due to their small size and portability, they can be used conveniently in a number of places. Here we will look at the use of a handheld metal detector for an auto repair shop.

Auto repair shops are places that are frequented by different people. Some of the visitors might have ulterior motives such as stealing car parts. With a handheld device, the operator of the auto repair shop will use the metal detector to search for hidden weapons such as guns or knives. The rogue visitors to steal from the auto repair shop may use these. With the metal detector, these weapons will be detected early enough and appropriate measures taken.

Handheld Metal Detector for a Auto Repair Shop

Metallic Objects

Vehicle oil tanks may also have metallic objects. Metallic objects in oil may come from a number of sources including engine wear. These metallic particles may reduce the efficiency of oil and ultimately lead to engine failure. With an advanced metal detector, it can be used to search for metallic objects in the engine oil and rectify the situation. This makes the work of the auto repair shop easier.

Earphone Plugin

The handheld metal detector comes with an audio alert. The handheld metal detector also comes with an earphone plug in. This can be very useful in noisy environments such as auto repair shops. Whenever metallic objects are detected, the sound will come through the earpiece only (read more reviews over at metaldetectorjudge.com). The audio alert also notifies the user when the handheld metal detector is running out of power and battery recharge is required.

The Sensitivity LevelsHandheld Metal Detector 2

The sensitivity levels of the handheld metal detector could also be adjusted. Under the grip cover, there is a slot where a flat blade screwdriver can be inserted. Tightening of this screwdriver can adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector. Since in auto repair shops there are many metallic objects, the sensitivity should be lowered so that it captures metallic objects only in areas where it is required.

An interference elimination button is also available in the handheld metal detector. This button can be adjusted to minimize interference from the neighboring metallic objects. This ensures maximum precision while scanning. The metal the detector also has a safety sling that adds to the convenience when handling the handheld metal detector.

Bottom Line

The handheld metal detector can be used to detect all types of metals from ferrous, stainless steel and nonferrous. The auto repair shop is an environment where all types of metals can be found. The hand held metal detector can be an important tool for the auto repair shop attendant with the different options it offers.

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