How to Choose a Durable Kitchen Faucet for a Workplace?

The kitchen faucet’s primary function is to dispense cold and hot water for washing food, hands and dishes. But beyond that it plays a vital role in defining the style of your kitchen design, especially if it is your workplace kitchen faucet.

Leaky faucets could possibly be a thing of the past with high quality, durable valves, and tough finishes now common on all but the cheapest models. Ideally, most faucets have lifetime warranties that cover finishes and defects.

The Ideal Faucet for a Workplace Kitchen Sink

The exterior of some faucets is bombarded with charged metal atoms that chemically bond to the surface of the base metal in a process referred to as physical vapor deposition (PVD). Various metals impart different finishes, including bronze and nickel.

PVD faucet finishes are ideal for a workplace since they are highly resistant to scratches. However, corrosive like drain cleaner might slightly stain them. Even better, Chrome is by far the most popular faucet finish for workplaces since it is pretty durable.

How to Choose a Durable Kitchen Faucet for a Workplace 1

The following are some things you ought to consider when shopping for a new faucet for your workplace kitchen sink:

Spout Styles

Straight spout faucet styles are compact and cost effective, but you might need to adjust the faucet to fit a large pot under it. Alternatively, Gooseneck models have higher clearances but can cause splashing if your workplace sink is a bit shallow.

Whichever model you prefer, ensure the faucet head swings enough to reach the entire sink, especially if you have a wide workplace sink.

Two Handles Or Single Handles

Single handle faucets are easier to install and use and the handle can be installed on the side or attached to the faucet. Nonetheless, a sprayer can be part of the faucet deck or part of the faucet spout.

Two handle faucets have handles for cold and hot water, and the handles are separately mounted, or part of the baseplate. However, the sprayer is normally separate.

Installation and Repair

Replacing both a sink and a faucet at the same time is much easier since the faucet can be installed in the counter or sink before the sink is put in place. Additionally, fittings that can be tightened with a screw driver streamline installation.

Long water supply hoses allow you to make connections beneath the sink cabinet where tools are easier to use. Although most faucets are usually guaranteed not to leak, if yours does the manufacturer will be kind enough to give you only the replacement part and leave you to take care of the installation. Learn more about choosing the best kitchen faucet and read kitchen faucet reviews at

How to Choose a Durable Kitchen Faucet for a Workplace?

The Number of Holes

Most sinks are designed with mounting holes drilled for faucets. If you are keeping your sink, you will need to get a base plate to cover any extra holes or match what you have. Remember, it is not advisable to try drilling more holes in an existing countertop or sink.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking about a kitchen upgrade, a new faucet will give a new, impeccable look to your workplace kitchen. Kitchen sink faucets are reasonably cost effective compared to other items in a kitchen remodel.

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