How to Choose a Portable Water Softener for RV?

Drinking a clear, good tasting, clean glass of water is as important in your RV as it is in your home. Your existing water supply may contain some minerals like magnesium and calcium. These mineral ions make your water hard, hence the need for a water softener. It is essential to have a portable water softener especially when you are in North America where RVs are at their peak.

Reasons of Using Portable RV Water Softeners

Most areas are plagued with hard water, and portable RV water softeners can help correct this problem, especially if you are a traveller. Furthermore, getting your clothes cleaned is difficult without a portable RV water softener.

Regardless of how much you try your clothes come out grayish and dingy with even an attempt to use more detergent.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a supply of bad tasting water from the storage tank in your RV. Draining and refilling the tank from an alternative source does not eliminate the taste and odor since your RV’s water storage tank has already been affected.

Most RV campgrounds seem to have nothing more than an old-fashioned hand pump for drinkable water supply. Ever tried a cup of coffee made from such a water source? Disgusting is the only word to describe it!

Portable softener for RV

Water Treatment

Producing water out of your portable RV water softener provides a great deal of significance since your softened water has no mineral ions that are the reason for water hardness.

Fortunately, with the help of a portable RV water softener, you will always have an unlimited supply of softened, clean and portable water for your stay outside away from home (read more about water softeners over at

1. Ion exchange: this type of RV water softer or treatment process involves the use of sodium to replace magnesium and calcium. Negatively charged Resin beads allow the replacement of the mineral ions with sodium ions.

2. Reverse osmosis: this particular type involves membranes that are semi-permeable. These membranes are designed to separate specific kinds of mineral ions and foreign elements present in the hard water.

Undesirable effects that minerals in water produce include:

Itchy scalp and dry skin

• Shampoos and soaps that hardly produce suds

• Scale buildup on plumbing fixtures

• Whitish spots on cars and newly-washed glassware

Benefits of a Portable RV Water Softener

The following are important advantages that you will enjoy for using a portable RV water softener:

· You will be able to use soap and detergents since softened water lathers easily. Therefore, the RV water softener is a good advantage for laundry and washing purposes.

· A portable RV water softener is very easy to use; making it a perfect choice for water treatment.

· When water runs through your RV water softener, it becomes healthier and safer for you to drink. Ideally, you protect yourself from common types of infections that are caused by unsafe and unclean water.

· Because it is portable, anyone who is always traveling can enjoy using clean and portable water anywhere and at any time of the day.

Portable softener for RV

Bottom Line

Since most RV parks are plagued with hard water, you can get numerous benefits by using a portable water softener. If you need something reliable and trusted for your soft water needs specifically for your RV requirements and needs, is your ideal option.

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